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Properly maintaining the integrity of the roof of your business is extremely important. A deteriorating roof can not only be an eyesore, but also be a safety hazard that could cause damage to people as well as merchandise and the business property


Whether it’s an office building, retail store or a larger industrial facility; you need to make sure you have a roof that does its job properly. A good roof can protect your business property in a number of vital ways. It can keep it safe from all types of unpleasant environmental factors. It can even boost its energy efficiency significantly. When you’re looking for commercial roof repair service Augusta GA businesses can depend on, our firm is here to help. Our roof contractors can help you with all types of roofing concerns. We even offer convenient storm & water damage commercial roof repair service. Aggressive weather conditions can do a number on any roof.

Signs That Your Structure Needs Commercial Roofing Repair

Roof problems can in many ways be catastrophic to businesses. They can lead to all sorts of inconveniences and hassles. That’s the reason businesses should always pay careful attention to signs of roofing troubles. If your structure needs commercial roofing repair, you may notice clues such as:

  • Higher energy bills.
  • Clogged Drains
  • Unusual amounts of moisture.
  • Weak flashing.
  • Sagging or Bowing Ceilings  –Seams that are open.
  • Raised and Uneven Patches on Roof.
  • Roof corrosion.
  • Roof leaks.

Never ignore signs that suggest the need for repair work. If you’re looking for a skillful commercial roof repair contractor who can help you efficiently and swiftly do away with roof leaks, flashing issues, spikes in energy bills and corrosion galore, you can trust our team. Summers Roofing proudly specializes in commercial roof repairs Augusta GA businesses can have full confidence in.

A Hard-Working Staff

Finding a capable commercial roof repair contractor in Augusta is as easy and straightforward as getting in touch with our local firm. Customer service is always the number one priority for our staff members. If you’re looking for commercial roof repair service Augusta GA businesses can depend on for pure excellence, we’ll never let you down in the slightest. Our contractors help customers with all different kinds of roof concerns as well. We even have expertise that involves roofs that have experienced substantial weather destruction. When you need storm & water damage commercial roof repair work, our exceptional contractors know exactly what to do to help you.

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We can turn all of your roof woes around easily and quickly. Never forget the importance of a sturdy and high-quality commercial roof. Reach out to our company today for information and to schedule an appointment.



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